There are many furnishing challenges when it comes to decorating a studio apartment. How do you fit the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bedroom into one space without losing your breathing room? While it can be challenging to get creative, the result is worth the extra effort.

Living in a studio apartment can be a creative opportunity. There are many ways to make the most of the limited space in a small apartment. From buying furniture that can serve multiple purposes to using vertical space for storage, there are plenty of ways to make the most of this space.

Analyze the Space

Before you start planning on how to furnish your studio apartment, you must take a moment to analyze the space. This will allow you to make informed decisions regarding the furniture used in your space.

Most studio apartments are around 300 to 400 square feet, meaning they have limited space to work with. Before shopping for furniture and other accessories for your area, it’s crucial to consider your apartment’s size constraints.

Aside from the size of your space, you also need to consider your studio apartment’s floor plan. All studios have the same sleeping area and living area, but different aspects of the layout can vary. Having a good idea about the design of your space will allow you to make the most of it. There are no single best ways to decorate a studio apartment.

Separate Your Bedroom Area

When furnishing a small apartment, keep the living space separate from the bedroom. This will allow you to enjoy a more peaceful environment and more privacy.

The size and layout of your studio apartment will also affect how you can separate the bedroom from the rest of the space. Here are some simple ideas that can work for different arrangements.

You can easily create this arrangement by purchasing a bedroom partition or hanging a curtain around the living room. You can also utilize a floating shelf to split the space.

You might also want to consider purchasing a Murphy bed or a daybed. While a Murphy bed can be used as a seating area during the day, it can also be folded into the wall when you’re not using it.

Lighting Is Everything

Getting enough light can help you fall asleep and stay positive when suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Investing in several light fixtures and opening the curtains can help you feel more comfortable and give your small space a more welcoming feel.

If you’re planning on using heavy curtains, avoid using them by choosing sheers instead. If you can’t decide on a new window treatment, keep the curtains or blinds open as much as possible. You can also add task lights that plug into wall outlets to give your bedroom a more prominent look. This type of light can provide you with good illumination and pull the eye upward.

Use the Walls for Storage

If you’re having a hard time organizing all of your possessions, you might be surprised to find that you have no room left to store them. Open storage might be the solution if you have a lot of history in your closet. This type of storage can store various items such as books, photos, and stuffed animals. If you’re planning on displaying some of your possessions, you can easily create this arrangement by hanging a shelf.

Small items too personal to display can be hidden in plain sight using boxes, bins, and decorative baskets. You can place these items anywhere in your bedroom, including under a window or bed. This type of storage can be a creative idea that can work for any space.