Creating a space that reflects your personality is essential, but having a peaceful relationship with your roommates and friends will also ensure you’re happy at home. This can be done through compromises on your own style.

Your roommates will likely not be your soulmates regarding interior design or décor savants. In fact, their tastes are likely to be on par with yours, and they may even have their own ideas for decorating a table. Knowing your roommates’ tastes and styles before moving in can help you create a space that will work seamlessly with them. Here are a few ways to ensure that your and your roommates’ decorating styles work together seamlessly.

Have a Conversation

It’s also better to plan with your roommates than to wait for them to come up with their own ideas. Instead, come up with a list of what you both agree on and where you’re willing to compromise. The décor should also be in the best possible way to maximize the space for both of you. After that, take advantage of your various resources, such as magazines and a shared Pinterest board.

Evaluate the Space

If you’re focused on where to place an oversized vintage carpet, consider other design options instead. Instead of finding the perfect space for your entire home, try creating a space that will enhance its best features and make living there more enjoyable. Having both of you put the place first can help make it easier to see eye-to-eye.

Neutrals and Pops

If you’re planning on decorating your space with another person, you might not want to go overboard with your style. Your roommates are likely more likely to appreciate neutral tones and shapes, which makes for an easy compromise.


Make sure all your furniture is neutral to use it as a starting point for adding character. You can also invite your roommates to participate in the project by coming up with unique pieces that each of them can add to the mix.


Establishing a good relationship with your roommates is also essential, showing them that you value their company. Without overdoing it, compliment them on their choice of design pieces. Doing so can help them see that you like their work.